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To participate in the 32 Thirty Two Promotions Sweepstakes without making a purchase, please follow the detailed steps below for the Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE). This process is designed to ensure fairness and compliance with sweepstakes regulations.

Obtain Your Unique Code:

Contact us via email at to request your unique entry code. Please allow up to 72 hours or 3 business days for a response.


Prepare Your Entry Photograph:

    • Write the provided unique code legibly on a 4x6 inch sheet of paper using red ink. Also, include your full name and instagram handle  written under the code in black sharpie.

    • Dress in a plain blue shirt with no branding, logos, or lettering visible.

    • Tape the code to the front of your shirt using only black duct tape.

    • In your right hand, hold a black plastic spoon, and a metal fork.

    • In your left hand, hold a newspaper with the current date clearly visible.

    • Ensure the photograph is clear, well-lit, and your face is visible with the sheet of paper, spoon, fork, and newspaper date clearly discernible.

Social Media Requirements:

    • Follow us on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Your profiles must be public to verify your following.


Direct Message via Instagram:

    • Send the photograph to us in a Direct Message (DM) on Instagram (@32ThirtyTwoPromotions). Include the hashtag #32ThirtyTwoAMOE in your message, along with your full name.


Email Your Entry:

    • Take a screenshot of the Instagram DM you sent, along with the original photograph.

    • Prepare two digital versions of each photo (one in full color, one in black and white). In the file name of each photo, include your full name and date of birth.

    • Attach the photos to an email, and in the body of the email, provide your full name, date of birth, and a valid email address. Send your email to

Creative Video:

    • Record a short video (45 seconds) explaining why you love 32 Thirty Two Promotions. Post this video to your public TikTok account with the hashtags #32ThirtyTwoAMOE #SweepstakesEntry #32TeesToKeys #32ChallengerCashCombo

    • Don’t forget to tag us! (@thirtytwo32promotions)

Verification Process:

    • Once we receive your mail, we will verify your social media followings and the authenticity of your entry.

    • Ensure that your social media profiles remain public for at least 30 days after the sweepstakes end date to allow for verification.

Confirmation of Entry:

    • After your entry has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email. Please note that this process may take up to 2 weeks from the date we receive your mail.


Remember, the questionnaire must be filled out completely and accurately, and all steps must be followed exactly as described. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in disqualification. Each participant is allowed only one entry through the AMOE process per day. Each AMOE must be completed in its entirety and sent separately on different days.


We value your participation and wish you the best of luck in the 32 Thirty Two Promotions Sweepstakes!

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